sábado, 24 de julio de 2010

Tell me how .-.

Algo que escribí:

I'm tired of try my best
and recieve nothing
You used to be good with me,
but that was in the past.
What's wrong with you?
What I made?
Is my fault?
Should I change you?
Should I look for another better?
Can you change for me?
Can you be again like you was?
I want to think this have solution.
I wonder to know if you are ok.
Are you jelous?
Did I give you motives for think that?
I don't think so.
It's not me, It's you.
I made my best
You know this so well.
Can you help me?
Because I made everything for you.
I'm tired of try my best
to make you change.
to make me happy.
to stop of wait.
but I can't.
I need a explanation!
I hope you hear me.
I'm tired of try my best
but you has been transforming all the things I do
in pure trash.
Show me who you are again.
I keep waiting.
Like I always do.

Have a nice day.
XoFuckingXo. ♥

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